Идиомы и фразеологизмы английского со словом throw

Словосочетания со словом throw

cast light upon
shed light upon
throw light upon
cast light on
shed light on
throw light on
To explain; illuminate; clarify.
The letters that were found suddenly cast a new light on the circumstances of Tom's disappearance.
Einstein's General Theory of Relativity threw light upon the enigma of our universe.
free throw
A shot at the basket in basketball without interference from opponents.
Mike scored the winning point on a free throw.
have a fit
have fits
throw a fit
To have a sudden illness with stiffness or jerking of the body.
Почувствовать неожиданное окоченение или судороги.
Our dog had a fit yesterday.
To become angry or upset.
Рассердится или расстроится.
Father will throw a fit when he sees the dent in the car.
Howard will have a fit when he learns that he lost the election.
When John decided to drop out of college, his parents had fits.
My friend had a fit when she saw what her brother had done to her computer.
Моя подруга сильно разозлилась и расстроилась, когда она увидела, что ее брат сотворил с ее компьютером.
knock for a loop
throw for a loop
throw a loop
To surprise very much.
When I heard they were moving, I was really knocked for a loop.
The news of their marriage threw me for a loop.
people who live in glass houses should not throw stones
Do not complain about other people if you are as bad as they are. A proverb.
Mary says that Betty is jealous, but Mary is more jealous herself. People who live in glass houses should not throw stones.
slap together
throw together
To make in a hurry and without care.
Bill and Bob threw together a cabin out of old lumber.
The party was planned suddenly, and Mary threw together a meal out of leftovers.
To put in with other people by chance.
The group of strangers was thrown together when the storm trapped them on the highway.
Bill and Tom became friends when they were thrown together in the same cabin at camp.
stone's throw
within a stone's throw
hop, skip and a jump
Within a very short distance.
They live across the street from us, just within a stone's throw.
throw a curve
To mislead or deceive someone; to lie.
John threw me a curve about the hiring.
To take someone by surprise in an unpleasant way.
Mr. Weiner's announcement threw the whole company a curve.
The first week of class was going very well until a student threw the teacher a curve by suggesting that the textbook was too difficult.
The director asked us in advance to stick to the meeting agenda and not to throw him any curves.