Идиомы и фразеологизмы английского со словом step

Словосочетания со словом step

at one's door
at one's doorstep
at one's door-step
Very close; very near where you live or work.
Johnny is very lucky because there's a swimming pool right at his doorstep.
Mr. Green can get to work in only a few minutes because the subway is at his door.
Used in idiom lay at one's door.
The mayor wasn't directly involved, but the voters are going to lay this scandal at his door.
We're short-staffed, so my boss is laying a lot of random stuff at my door.
dog one's steps
To follow someone closely.
All the time he was in Havana, Castro's police were dogging his steps.
follow in one's footsteps
follow in one's tracks
To follow someone's example; follow someone exactly.
He followed in his father's footsteps and became a doctor.
in step
With the left or right foot stepping at the same time as another's or to the beat of music; in matching strides with another person or persons.
The long line of soldiers marched all in step: Left, right! Left, right!
Johnny marched behind the band in step to the music.
In agreement; abreast. Often followed by with.
Mary wanted to stay in step with her friends and have a doll too.
keep step with
keep up step with
To maintain the same degree of progress as someone else.
The United States has no choice but to keep step with potential enemies in terms of modern defense systems.
little by little
step by step
Gradually, slowly.
Karen's health seems to be improving little by little.
If you study regularly each day, step by step your vocabulary will increase.
out of step
Not in step; not matching strides or keeping pace with another or others.
George always marches out of step with the music.
Out of harmony; not keeping up. Often followed by with.
Just because you don't smoke, it doesn't mean you are out of step with other boys and girls your age.
step down
To come down in one move from a higher position to a lower.
As soon as the train stopped, the conductor stepped down to help the passengers off.
To make go slower little by little.
The train was approaching the station, so the engineer stepped it down.
To leave a job as an official or some other important position.
When the judge became ill, he had to step down.
Next May the principal will step down after thirty-five years of service to the school.
The angry shareholders wanted the company president to step down because of the stock scandal.