Идиомы и фразеологизмы английского со словом star. Страница три

Словосочетания со словом star. Страница три

start in
To begin to do something; start.
Fred started in weeding the garden.
The family started in eating supper.
To begin a career.
Bob started in as an office boy and became president.
To give a first job to.
The bank started him in as a clerk.
start out
To begin to go somewhere.
Bill started out for school on his bicycle.
Art started out on a voyage around the world.
To begin a career or life.
Harry started out as an errand boy in a business office.
We all start out in life as helpless infants.
To give one a first job.
The garage man started Pete out as a grease rack man.
start something
To make trouble; cause a quarrel or fight.
John is always starting something.
Jack likes to play tricks on the other boys to start something.
start up
To begin operating.
The driver started up the motor of the car.
The engine started up with a roar.
To begin to play (music).
The conductor waved his baton, and the band started up.
The orchestra started up a waltz.
To rise or stand suddenly.
When he heard the bell, he started up from his chair.
starter marriage
Первый, короткий брак, который оканчивается разводом, без раздела имущества и сожалений.
Her starter marriage lasted less than 2 months.
Ее первый брак продлился меньше 2 месяцев.
take the starch out of
To make (someone) feel weak or tired.
The hot weather took the starch out of Mrs. Jones, and she didn't feel like doing a thing.
The cross-country run took all the starch out of the boys.
To surprise someone by doing better or by catching him in an error.
Don't let a silly performance review take the starch out of you like that - you've got to have confidence in your own work.
His rejection from the literary magazine really took the starch out of Tom.
thank one's lucky stars
To be thankful for good luck; think oneself lucky.
You can thank your lucky stars you didn't fall in the hole.