Идиомы и фразеологизмы английского со словом star. Страница два

Словосочетания со словом star. Страница два

jack-rabbit start
A very sudden start from a still position; a very fast start from a stop.
Bob made a jack-rabbit start when the traffic light turned green.
lucky star
A certain star or planet which, by itself or with others, is seriously or jokingly thought to bring a person good luck and success in life.
John was born under a lucky star.
Ted was unhurt in the car accident, for which he thanked his lucky stars.
An idea, plan, or project that doesn't work or is obviously no good.
His plan to start a new private school is a nonstarter because he is unable to organize anything.
running start
Good progress at the beginning.
The team was off to a running start, having won the first two games.
Contributions of $5000 before the drive began gave the charity fund a running start.
see stars
To imagine you are seeing stars as a result of being hit on the head.
When Ted was hit on the head by the ball, he saw stars.
The boxer's head hit the floor, making him see stars.
stare in the face
To be about to meet or to happen to (you.)
Grandmother became very sick and death was staring her in the face.
Defeat stared them in the face, but the soldiers fought on bravely.
To be easy to see; be plain.
Are you looking for your pencil? It's on your desk, staring you in the face.
Their friends all knew that Mary loved John, but John did not see it even though it was staring him in the face.
Very happy and excited, perhaps with little reason; eager and self-confident about improving human nature and general conditions of life.
Young people are often starry-eyed and eager to improve the world; they do not know how hard it is.
stars in one's eyes
An appearance or feeling of very great happiness or expectation of happiness.
Mary gets stars in her eyes when she thinks of her boyfriend.
A belief in the possibility of quick and lasting reforms in people and life and an eagerness to make such changes.
Some inexperienced people get stars in their eyes when they think of improving the world.