Идиомы и фразеологизмы английского со словом short. Страница три

Словосочетания со словом short. Страница три

sell short
sell somebody short
sell something short
To think (a person or thing) less good or valuable than is true; underestimate.
Думать о ком-либо или о чем-либо хуже чем оно есть на самом деле; недооценивать.
Don't sell the team short; the players are better than you think.
Some teachers sold John short.
Take care that you don’t sell his suggestion short, it could save the firm a lot of money.
Позаботься о том, чтобы его предложение было оценено по достоинству. Оно могло бы сэкономить фирме немало денег.
Just because he doesn’t have much money is no reason to sell him short.
Если он не очень богат, то это еще не причина его недооценивать.
short and sweet
Brief and to the point.
Henry's note to his father was short and sweet. He wrote, "Dear Dad, please send me $5. Love, Henry."
short end
The worst or most unpleasant part.
The new boy got the short end of it because all the comfortable beds in the dormitory had been taken before he arrived.
The girls who served refreshments at the party got the short end of it. When everybody had been served, there was no cake left for them.
short haul
A short distance; a short trip.
The Scoutmaster said that it was just a short haul to the lake.
The man from the moving company said they did not make short hauls, so we hired a truck to move our furniture three blocks to our new house.
short list
To place on the list of select finalists for a job.
Only three of the twenty-seven applicants were short-listed for the assistant professorial vacancy in our department.
short of breath
Panting and wheezing.
He ran up six flights of stairs so rapidly that he was short of breath for several minutes.
short of
Less or worse than.
Don't do anything short of your best.
Not having enough.
We did not buy anything because we were short of money.
The girls were asked to wait on tables because the kitchen was short of help.
Away from; at a distance from.
The day's drive still left us a hundred miles short of the ocean.
The golfer's shot fell far short of the hole.
short shrift
get short shrift
give short shrift
Little or no attention. Usually used with get or give.
In books about jobs, women's work is consistently given short shrift.