Идиомы и фразеологизмы английского со словом short

Словосочетания со словом short

a day late and a dollar short
Днем позже и на доллар меньше - о чем-то чего слишком мало, и это случилось слишком поздно.
The government's attempts at reform were a day late and a dollar short.
Попытки реформы со стороны правительства были слишком незначительными и запоздалыми.
a few cards short of a deck
дословно: "несколько карт не хватает до колоды"
Не очень умный, немного сумасшедший, слабоумный; "не все дома".
The man often does very strange things. He is a few cards short of a deck.
Этот мужчина всегда совершает очень странные поступки. Он немного не дружит с головой.
caught short
Not having enough of something when you need it.
Mrs. Ford was caught short when the newspaper boy came for his money a day early.
The man was caught short of clothes when he had to go on a trip.
cut short
To stop or interrupt suddenly; end suddenly or too soon.
Rain cut short the ball game.
An auto accident cut short the man's life.
When Dick began to tell about his summer vacation the teacher cut him short, saying "Tell us about that another time."
The moderator asked the speaker to cut short his talk because there wasn’t much time remaining for questions from the audience.
We were very unfortunate when we received bad news from home that forced us to cut our trip short.
fall short
To fail to reach (some aim); not succeed.
His jump fell three inches short of the world record.
The movie fell short of expectations.
for short
So as to make shorter; as an abbreviation or nickname.
The boy's name was Humperdink, or "Dink" for short.
The National Broadcasting Company is called NBC for short.
in brief
in short
in a word
Briefly; to give the meaning of what has been said or written in a word or in a few words; in summary.
The children could play as long as they liked, they had no work to do, and nobody scolded them; in short, they were happy.
The speaker didn't know his subject, nor did he speak well; in brief, he was disappointing.
John is smart, polite, and well-behaved. In a word, he is admirable.
in short order
Without delay; quickly.
Johnny got ready in short order after his father said that he could come to the ball game if he was ready in time.