Идиомы и фразеологизмы английского со словом ship

Словосочетания со словом ship

give up the ship
To stop fighting and surrender; stop trying or hoping to do something.
"Don't give up the ship, John," said his father when John failed a test.
landing ship
A ship built to land troops and army equipment on a beach for an invasion.
The landing ship came near the beach, doors in the bow opened, and marines ran out.
Always keeping ahead of others; trying to keep an advantage. (The word one-upmanship was made up by a British humorist, Stephen Potter, on the pattern of such words as sportsmanship and workmanship.)
No matter what I do, I find that Jim has already done it better. He's an expert at one-upmanship.
Jack took the news to the principal while we were still talking about it. He's very quick to practice one-upmanship.
run a tight ship
To run an organization with a firm hand, with strict rules and regulations.
Our dean of the college runs a very tight ship; he tolerates no mistakes.
shape up or ship out
To either improve one's disposition or behavior, or quit or leave.
When Paul neglected to carry out his part of the research work that Professor Brown had assigned him with for the fifth time, the professor cried, "Shape up, or ship out, Paul. I have lost my patience with you!"
ship come in
when one's ship comes in
All the money a person has wished for is received; wealth comes to a person. Used with a possessive.
When my ship comes in, I will take a trip to Norway.
Mr. Brown is just waiting for his ship to come in.
ship out
To begin a journey; leave.
The army group shipped out for the Far East today.
In perfect condition; in good order.
After we left the islands, we left the rented car shipshape for the next driver.