Идиомы и фразеологизмы английского со словом point. Страница два

Словосочетания со словом point. Страница два

make a point
To try hard; make a special effort. Used with of and a verbal noun.
He made a point of remembering to get his glasses fixed.
He made a point of thanking his hostess before he left the party.
miss the point
To be unable to comprehend the essence of what was meant.
The student didn't get a passing grade on the exam because, although he wrote three pages, he actually missed the point.
on the point of
Ready to begin; very near to. Usually used with a verbal noun.
The coach was on the point of giving up the game when our team scored two points.
The baby was on the point of crying when her mother finally came home.
point of view
Attitude; opinion.
From the American point of view, Fidel Castro is a bad neighbor to have.
point out
To show by pointing with the finger; point to; make clear the location of.
The guide pointed out the principal sights of the city.
The teacher pointed out the mistakes in my composition.
A friend pointed the famous actor out to me.
To bring to notice; call to attention; explain.
The policeman pointed out that the law forbids public sale of firecrackers.
The school secretary pointed out that the closing date for making applications had passed.
What important buildings did the tour guide point out to you?
point up
To show clearly; emphasize.
The increase in crime points up the need for greater police protection.
Johnny's report card points up his talent for math.
Straightforwardly; bluntly; directly.
Sue refused point-blank to discuss marriage with Sam.
sore spot
sore point
A weak or sensitive part; a subject or thing about which someone becomes angry or upset easily.
Don't ask Uncle John why his business failed; it's a sore spot with him.