Идиомы и фразеологизмы английского со словом point

Словосочетания со словом point

at swords' points
Ready to start fighting; very much opposed to each; other hostile; quarreling.
The dog's barking kept the Browns at swords' points with their neighbors for months.
The mayor and the reporter were always at swords' points.
at the point of
Very near to; almost at or in.
When Mary broke her favorite bracelet, she was at the point of tears.
The boy hurt in the accident lay at the point of death for a week, then he got well.
belabor the point
labor the point
To overexplain something to the point of obviousness, resulting in ridicule.
"Lest I belabor the point," the teacher said, "I must repeat the importance of teaching good grammar in class."
beside the point
beside the question
Off the subject; about something different.
What you meant to do is beside the point; the fact is you didn't do it.
The judge told the witness that his remarks were beside the point.
boiling point
The temperature at which a liquid boils.
The boiling point of water is 272 degrees Fahrenheit.
The time when you become very angry.
He has a low boiling point.
After being teased for a long time, John reached the boiling point.
When John made the same mistake for the fourth time, his teacher reached the boiling point.
case in point
An example that proves something or helps to make something clearer.
An American can rise from the humblest beginnings to become President. Abraham Lincoln is a case in point.
come to the point
get to the point
To talk about the important thing; reach the important facts of the matter; reach the central question or fact.
Henry was giving a lot of history and explanation, but his father asked him to come to the point.
A good newspaper story must come right to the point and save the details for later.
in fact
in point of fact
Really truthfully. Often used for emphasis.
No one believed it but, in fact, Mary did get an A on her book report.
It was a very hot day; in fact, it was 100 degrees.
I didn’t say that. In fact I said quite the opposite.