Идиомы и фразеологизмы английского со словом pain

Словосочетания со словом pain

at pains
Making a special effort.
At pains to make a good impression, she was prompt for her appointment.
be a pain in the neck
Очень сильно раздражать кого-либо. Русский аналог - "сидеть в печенках".
You’re being a real pain in my neck!
Ты у меня уже в печенках сидишь!
be at pains
To be extremely desirous to do something; to take the trouble to do something.
Страстно желать сделать что-либо; прилагать усилия (преодолевать трудности) что-бы сделать что-либо.
The captain was at pains to see that everybody got safely into the lifeboats.
I could hardly refuse the gift after she had been at such pains to make it.
Едва ли я могла отказаться от подарка, зная, чего ей стоило сделать его.
build castles in the air
build castles in Spain
To make impossible or imaginary plans, dream about future successes that are unlikely.
He liked to build castles in the air, but never succeeded in anything.
To build castles in Spain is natural for young people and they may work hard enough to get part of their wishes.
feel no pain
To be drunk.
After a few drinks, the man felt no pain and began to act foolishly.
gild the lily
paint the lily
To add unnecessarily to something already beautiful or good enough.
To talk about a beautiful sunset is to gild the lily.
For the beautiful girl to use makeup would be to gild the lily.
Frank's father is a millionaire, but Frank gilds the lily by saying he is a billionaire.
give a pain
To make (you) disgusted; annoy.
Ann's laziness gives her mother a pain.
John's bad manners give his teacher a pain.
growing pains
Pains in children's legs supposed to be caused by changes in their bodies and feelings as they grow.
The little girl's legs hurt, and her mother told her she had growing pains.
Troubles when something new is beginning or growing.
The factory has growing pains.