Идиомы и фразеологизмы английского со словом order. Страница два

Словосочетания со словом order. Страница два

made to order
Made specially in the way the buyer wants instead of all the same in large amounts; made especially for the buyer.
Mr. Black's clothes were all made to order.
The weather was made to order for the hike.
Built, constructed, or assembled to meet one's custom measurements or needs; very well suited to someone's personal needs or desires.
After weeks of searching, I finally found a job that was made to order for me.
They specialize in made-to-order cars for wealthy automotive enthusiasts.
mail order
A purchase made by mail.
If you don't have a chance to go to a store, you can sometimes make a purchase by mail order.
order about
order around
To dictate arrogantly to someone; domineer.
Dan orders his younger colleagues around in a most unpleasant way.
out of order
In the wrong order; not coming after one another in the right way.
Peter wrote the words of the sentence out of order.
Don't get out of order, children. Stay in your places in line.
In poor condition; not working properly.
Our television set is out of order.
The elevator was out of order, so we had to walk to the tenth floor of the building.
We couldn't use the soft drink machine because it was out of order.
Against the rules; not suitable.
The judge told the people in the courtroom that they were out of order because they were so noisy.
The children's whispering was out of order in the church.
pecking order
The way people are ranked in relation to each other (for honor, privilege, or power); status classification; hierarchy.
After the president was in office several months, his staff developed a pecking order.
put one's house in order
set one's house in order
To arrange your affairs in good order.
Организовывать свои дела в правильном, хорошем порядке.
Grandfather knew he would not live long and set his house in order.
When Mr. Black died, his lawyer helped the widow put her house in order.
The government should put its own house in order before telling other countries what to do.
Правительство должно привести в порядок свои дела, прежде чем указывать другим странам, что делать.
You’d better put your own house in order before telling me what to do.
Сначала бы сам навел порядок в своих делах, а потом бы говорил, что мне делать.
short-order cook
A person who prepares food that cooks quickly.
Bruce found a summer job as a short-order cook in a drive-in restaurant.
The new diner needs another short-order cook.
so that
in order that
For the purpose that. So that is usually followed by can or could; in order that is usually followed by may or might.
Let's get ready now so that we can leave when Father comes.
Betty saved her money in order that she might buy a doll.
With the result that; so.
My pencil fell under my desk, so that I couldn't see it.
George often told stories that weren't true, so that no one believed him when he told about a deer in the school yard.