Идиомы и фразеологизмы английского со словом order

Словосочетания со словом order

apple-pie order
Exact orderly arrangement, neatness; tidy arrangement.
Опрятность; организованный порядок.
The house was in apple-pie order.
Like a good secretary, she kept the boss's desk in apple-pie order.
His birthday was in apple-pie order, I totally loved it!
Его день рождения был организован просто отлично, мне очень понравился праздник!
Her house was in apple-pie order, with nothing out of place.
Ее дом был в идеальном порядке, все на своих местах.
When they came back, everything was in apple-pie order.
Когда они вернулись, всё было в идеальном порядке.
border on
To be adjacent to; come close to; adjoin.
Our village borders on the Mississippi River.
John's actions border on irresponsibility.
call to order
To open (a meeting) formally.
The chairman called the committee to order.
The president pounded with his gavel to call the convention to order.
To warn not to break the rules of a meeting.
The judge called the people in the court room to order when they talked too loud.
in order to
so as to
For the purpose of; to. Used with an infinitive.
In order to follow the buffalo, the Indians often had to move their camps.
We picked apples so as to make a pie.
in order
In arrangement; in the proper way of following one another.
Come to my desk in alphabetical order as I call your names.
Line up and walk to the door in order.
Name all the presidents in order.
In proper condition.
The car was in good working order when I bought it.
The club leader looked at the club treasurer's records of money collected and spent, and found them all in order.
Following the rules; proper; suitable.
Is it in order to ask the speaker questions at the meeting?
At the end of a program, applause for the performers is in order.
in short order
Without delay; quickly.
Johnny got ready in short order after his father said that he could come to the ball game if he was ready in time.
just what the doctor ordered
Exactly what is needed or wanted.
"Ah! Just what the doctor ordered!" exclaimed Joe when Mary brought him a cold soda.
large order
tall order
Difficult job; a difficult task to fulfill.
It is a large order to educate three children in college at the same time.