Идиомы и фразеологизмы английского со словом nose. Страница три

Фразеологизмы со словом nose. Страница три

nose out
To learn by effort (something private or secret); uncover.
The principal nosed out the truth about the stolen examination.
To defeat by a nose length; come in a little ahead of in a race or contest.
The horse we liked nosed out the second horse in a very close finish.
The Democratic candidate nosed out his rival for Congress by a few hundred votes.
nose over
To turn over on the nose so as to land upside down.
The airplane made a faulty landing approach and nosed over.
nose up
To head up; incline the forward end upwards; move up.
The airplane nosed up through the cloud bank.
The pilot nosed the plane up from the field.
on the nose
Just right; exactly.
Stanley hit the ball on the nose.
The airplane pilot found the small landing field on the nose.
pay through the nose
To pay at a very high rate; pay too much.
He had wanted experience, but this job seemed like paying through the nose for it.
There was a shortage of cars; if you found one for sale, you had to pay through the nose.
put one's nose out of joint
nose is out of joint
To make you jealous; leave you out of favor.
When Jane accepted Tom's invitation it put Jack's nose out of joint.
To ruin your plans; cause you disappointment.
Joe's mother put his nose out of joint by not letting him go to the movie.
see beyond one's nose
see beyond the end of one's nose
To make wise judgments about questions of importance to yourself and others; act with farseeing understanding. Used in negative, conditional, and interrogative sentences.
He couldn't save money or make plans for the future; he just never saw beyond the end of his nose.
People who always complain about school taxes would stop it if they could see beyond their noses and understand the importance of first-class schools.
skin off one's nose
Matter of interest, concern, or trouble to you. Normally used in the negative.
Go to Jake's party if you wish. It's no skin off my nose.
Grace didn't pay any attention to our argument. It wasn't any skin off her nose.
You could at least say hello to our visitor. It's no skin off your nose.