Идиомы и фразеологизмы английского со словом nose

Фразеологизмы со словом nose

To curry favor in a subservient way, as by obviously exaggerated flattery.
Max brown-noses his teachers, that's why he gets all A's in his courses.
count heads
count noses
To count the number of people in a group.
Пересчитать количество людей в группе.
On the class picnic, we counted heads before we left and when we arrived to be sure that no one got lost.
The usher was told to look out into the audience and count noses.
I'll have to count noses before I take the children out for a walk.
Мне нужно будет пересчитать детей до того как я поведу их на прогулку.
The young teacher can hardly count the noses, because it is her first day at work.
Молодой учительница едва может подсчитать количество учеников, потому что это ее первый день на работе.
cut off one's nose to spite one's face
To suffer from an action intended originally to harm another person.
In walking out and leaving his employer in the lurch, John really cut off his nose to spite his face, since no business wanted to hire him afterwards.
follow one's nose
To go straight ahead; continue in the same direction.
Just follow your nose and you'll get there.
To go any way you happen to think of.
Oh, I don't know just where I want to go. I'll just follow my nose and see what happens.
go into a tailspin
go into a nose dive
To fall or go down badly; collapse; give up trying.
The team went into a tailspin after their captain was hurt, and they were badly beaten.
To become very anxious, confused, or mentally sick; give up hope.
The man went into a tailspin after his wife died and he never got over it.
Tough or rugged; very strict; not weak or soft; stubborn, especially in a fight or contest.
Joe's father was a hard-nosed army officer who had seen service in two wars.
Pete is a good boy; he plays hard-nosed football.
keep one's nose clean
To stay out of trouble; do only what you should do.
Избегать неприятностей, заниматься тем, чем должно заниматься.
The boss said Jim could have the job as long as he kept his nose clean and worked hard.
The policeman warned the boys to keep their noses clean unless they wanted to go to jail.
Hollywood actors seldom keep their noses clean.
Голливудские актеры не отличаются примерным поведением.
keep one's nose to the grindstone
have one's nose to the grindstone
hold one's nose to the grindstone
To work hard all the time; keep busy with boring or tiresome work.
Sarah keeps her nose to the grindstone and saves as much as possible to start her own business.