Идиомы и фразеологизмы английского со словом neck. Страница два

Фразеологизмы со словом neck. Страница два

A member of the United States Marine Corps.
I didn't know your son Joe became a leatherneck.
millstone around one's neck
An intolerable burden.
Max said that his old car was a millstone around his neck.
neck and neck
Equal or nearly equal in a race or contest; abreast; tied.
At the end of the race the two horses were neck and neck.
For months John and Harry seemed to be neck and neck in Alice's favor.
neck of the woods
Part of the country; place; neighborhood; vicinity.
We visited Illinois and Iowa last summer; in that neck of the woods the corn really grows tall.
We were down in your neck of the woods last week.
necktie party
A hanging by a mob; lynching.
Cattle thieves were stealing the rancher's cattle, but the cowboys caught them and had a necktie party.
pain in the ass
pain in the neck
An obnoxious or bothersome person or event.
Phoebe Hochrichter is a regular pain in the neck (ass).
A low, coarse fellow.
The only boys in the neighborhood are a bunch of roughnecks, and Mrs. Smith is unhappy about the fact that her son is rapidly becoming one of them.
save one's bacon
save one's neck
save one's skin
To save from danger or trouble.
Спасти чью-любо шкуру.
The fighter planes saved our skins while the army was landing from the ships.
Betty saved Tim's neck by typing his report for him; without her help he could not have finished on time.
Бетти спасла шкуру Тима, напечатав его отчет за него. Без ее помощи он мог бы не успеть закончить вовремя.