Идиомы и фразеологизмы английского со словом neck

Фразеологизмы со словом neck

albatross around one's neck
Guilt, the haunting past, an unforgettable problem.
Even though it was an accident, John's father's death has been an albatross around John's neck.
be a pain in the neck
Очень сильно раздражать кого-либо. Русский аналог - "сидеть в печенках".
You’re being a real pain in my neck!
Ты у меня уже в печенках сидишь!
A heavy traffic congestion.
In Chicago the worst bottleneck is found where the Kennedy and the Eden's expressways separate on the way to the airport.
break one's neck
To do all you possibly can; try your hardest. Usually used with a limiting adverb or negative.
John nearly broke his neck trying not to be late to school.
Mother asked Mary to go to the store when she was free, but not to break her neck over it.
catch it in the neck
get it in the neck
To be blamed or punished.
Tom got it in the neck because he forgot to close the windows when it rained.
Students get it in the neck when they lose library books.
dead from the neck up
Очень глупый человек; болван.
Don't waste your time making him change his mind; he is dead from the neck up.
Не теряй время, переубеждая его, он полный болван.
down one's neck
breathe down one's neck
To follow closely; threaten from behind; watch every action.
Следовать по пятам; угрожать из-за спины, сзади; пристально следить.
Too many creditors were breathing down his neck.
The carpenter didn't like to work for Mr. Jones, who was always breathing down his neck.
The atmosphere at work isn't great; the boss keeps breathing down our necks all the time.
У нас на работе не самая лучшая атмосфера, начальство постоянно за нами следит.
Very much; deeply; having a big part in.
Johnny was knee-deep in trouble.
Very busy; working hard at.
We were neck-deep in homework before the exams.
Getting or having many or much.
The television station was knee-deep in phone calls.