Идиомы и фразеологизмы английского со словом mind. Страница два

Словосочетания со словом mind. Страница два

give one a piece of one's mind
To scold angrily; say what you really think to (someone).
Mr. Allen gave the other driver a piece of his mind.
The sergeant gave the soldier a piece of his mind for not cleaning his boots.
half a mind
half a notion
A wish or plan that you have not yet decided to act on; a thought of possibly doing something. Used after have or with and before to and an infinitive.
I have half a mind to stop studying and walk over to the brook.
Jerry went home with half a mind to telephone Betty.
have a mind of one's own
To be independent in one's thinking and judgment.
Tow has always had a mind of his own so there is no use trying to convince him how to vote.
have a mind to
have a good mind to
To consider doing; intend to with a high degree of probability.
I have a good mind to tell my boss that he doesn't know how to run our enterprise.
have in mind
To plan; intend; select; to be considering, to be thinking.
We don't know whom our boss has in mind for the new position.
I don’t want to see a movie now. I have in mind going to the park.
It’s up to you what we eat tonight. Do you have anything in mind?
in a bad frame of mind
In an unhappy mood.
Make sure the boss is not in a bad frame of mind when you ask him for a raise.
in a good frame of mind
In a happy mood.
After a relaxing holiday in the Bahamas, the boss was in a very good frame of mind.
in mind
keep in mind
bear in mind
In the center of your thought; in your close attention; to remember.
Держать в голове; держать в центре внимания; помнить.
You have to be home by 11 o'clock. Keep that in mind, Bob.
Mary is studying hard with a good grade in mind.
Bear in mind the rules of safety when you swim.
The manager told us to keep the new rules in mind.
Менеджер сказал нам иметь ввиду новые правила.
Every driver must always bear in mind the rules of driving.
Каждый водитель всегда должен помнить правила дорожного движения.
Please keep in mind that you promised to call Stan around noon.
I didn’t know that Paula doesn’t like vegetables. We should bear that in mind next time we invite her for dinner.