Идиомы и фразеологизмы английского со словом mind. Страница шесть

Словосочетания со словом mind. Страница шесть

speak one's mind
To say openly what you think; give advice that may not be liked.
John thought it was wrong to keep George out of the club and he spoke his mind about it.
travel broadens the mind
Дословно: путешествие расширяет разум.
Когда вы путешествие, вы узнаете много нового. Путешествия позволяют взглянуть на привычные вещи с другой стороны.
This summer I went to Japan and learnt many interesting things. You know, travel broadens our mind.
Этим летом я ездил в Японию и узнал много интересных вещей. Вы знаете, путешествие расширяет наш кругозор.
turn over in one's mind
To carefully consider.
I will have to turn it over in my mind whether to accept the new job offer from Japan.
weigh on
weigh upon
weigh on one's mind
To be a weight or pressure on; be heavy on.
The pack weighed heavily on the soldier's back.
To make sad or worried; trouble; disturb; upset.
Sadness weighed on Mary's heart when her kitten died.
John's wrongdoing weighed upon his conscience.
The teacher's advice weighed upon Tom's mind.
To be a burden to.
His guilt weighed heavily upon him.