Идиомы и фразеологизмы английского со словом lose. Страница два

Фразеологизмы со словом lose. Страница два

close one's eyes
shut one's eyes
To refuse to see or think about.
The park is beautiful if you shut your eyes to the litter.
The ice was very thin, but the boys shut their eyes to the danger and went skating.
close out
To sell the whole of; end (a business or a business operation) by selling all the goods; also, to sell your stock and stop doing business.
The store closed out its stock of garden supplies.
Mr. Jones closed out his grocery.
Mr. Randall was losing money in his shoe store, so he decided to close out.
close quarters
Limited, cramped space.
With seven boy scouts in a tent, they were living in very close quarters.
close ranks
To come close together in a line especially for fighting.
The soldiers closed ranks and kept the enemy away from the bridge.
To stop quarreling and work together; unite and fight together.
The Democrats and Republicans closed ranks to win the war.
The leader asked the people to close ranks and plan a new school.
close the books
To stop taking orders; end a bookkeeping period.
The tickets were all sold, so the manager said to close the books.
The department store closes its books on the 25th of each month.
close the door
bar the door
shut the door
To prevent any more action or talk about a subject.
The President's veto closed the door to any new attempt to pass the bill.
Joan was much hurt by what Mary said, and she closed the door on Mary's attempt to apologize.
After John makes up his mind, he closes the door to any more arguments.
close to home
Too near to someone's personal feelings, wishes, or interests.
When John made fun of Bob's way of walking, he struck close to home.
When the preacher spoke about prejudice, some people felt he had come too close to home.
close up shop
To shut a store at the end of a day's business, also, to end a business.
The grocer closes up shop at 5 o'clock.
After 15 years in business at the same spot, the garage closed up shop.
To stop some activity; finish what you are doing.
After camping out for two weeks, the scouts took down their tents and closed up shop.
The committee finished its business and closed up shop.