Идиомы и фразеологизмы английского со словом lose

Фразеологизмы со словом lose

at close range
Close by; in proximity.
The police officer fired at the fleeing murder suspect at close range.
at hand
at close hand
near at hand
Easy to reach; nearby.
When he writes, he always keeps a dictionary at hand.
Coming soon; almost here.
Examinations are past and Commencement Day is at hand.
bring to a close
To terminate; cause to end.
The meeting was brought to an abrupt close when the speaker collapsed with a heart attack.
close at hand
Handy; close by; within one's range.
My calendar isn't close at hand, so I can't tell you whether we can come next week or not.
I always keep my pencils and erasers close at hand when I work on a draft proposal.
close call
close shave
A situation involving a narrow escape from danger.
That sure was a close call when that truck came near us from the right!
When Tim fell off his bicycle in front of a bus, it was a very close shave.
Bob, that car nearly hit us! What a close call.
We had a close call when a small fire in our kitchen almost spread to the rest of the house.
close down
shut down
To stop all working, as in a factory; stop work entirely; also: to stop operations in.
The factory closed down for Christmas.
The company shut down the condom plant for Easter.
close in
To come in nearer from all sides. Often used with on.
We wanted the boat to reach shore before the fog closed in.
The troops were closing in on the enemy.
close its doors
close one's doors
To keep someone or something from entering or joining; become closed.
The club has closed its doors to new members.
To fail as a business; go bankrupt.
The fire was so damaging that the store had to close its doors.
Business was so poor that we had to close our doors after six months.