Идиомы и фразеологизмы английского со словом look. Страница два

Фразеологизмы со словом look. Страница два

look alive
Act lively; be quick; wake up and work; be busy; hurry. Often used as a command.
"Look alive there," the boss called.
look as if one has come out of a bandbox
To look very clean and fresh; look as if you had just had a bath and put on all-new clothing.
In spite of the long, hot train ride, Jody arrived looking as if she had come out of a bandbox.
After a day at the rodeo we were all dusty and tired except for Hope, who looked as if she'd come out of a bandbox.
look at the world through rose-colored glasses
see with rose-colored glasses
To see everything as good and pleasant; not see anything hard or bad.
Смотреть на мир через розовые очки; видеть все в розовом цвете.
When Jean graduated from high school, she looked at the world through rose-colored glasses.
If you see everything through rose-colored glasses, you will often be disappointed.
My friend always looks at the world through rose-colored glasses and he does not believe that some people are dishonest.
Мой друг всегда видит все в розовом цвете, и он не верит, что существуют нечестные люди.
look at
To have a way of thinking or feeling toward; think about something in a certain way.
Is he a hero or a villain? That depends on how you look at it.
Depending on how you looked at it, the tea party could be called a pleasure or a bore.
Give one's attention to; to watch.
The teacher told us to look at the blackboard and not at our books.
I like to walk along a country road at night and look at the stars.
look back
To review the past; think of what has happened.
As John looked back, his life seemed good to him.
Murphy looked back on his early struggles as having made him feel especially alive.
When Ed applied for a job and asked the school to recommend him, the principal looked back over his records.
look bleak
To indicate misfortune; appear threatening or ruinous.
As prices dropped lower and lower, things looked bleak for Henry's company.
Many witnesses gave testimony against Jerry and his case looked bleak.
The future looked bleak when Father got hurt and could not work.
look daggers
To show anger with a look; express hate or enmity by a look or stare; look fiercely.
The other driver looked daggers at Morris for turning in before him.
Mary did not dare talk back to her father, but she looked daggers.
look down on
look down upon
To think of (a person or thing) as less good or important; feel that (someone) is not as good as you are, or that (something) is not worth having or doing; consider inferior.
Mary looked down on her classmates because she was better dressed than they were.
Jack looked down on Al for his poor manners.
Miss Tracy likes tennis but she looks down on football as too rough.
People who are in positions of power should be careful not to look down on those who work for them.
Why does Alma look down on Mario; just because his family is so poor?