Идиомы и фразеологизмы английского со словом long

Словосочетания со словом long

all along
All the time; during the whole time; from the beginning (without change).
Все время; в течении какого-то определенного времени.
I knew all along that we would win.
Jeremy has known about my problems all along.
Всё это время Джереми знал о моих проблемах.
She knew all along that we'd never agree with his plan.
You're smiling! Did you know all along that I'd give you a birthday present?
all day long
all week long
all month long
all year long
The entire day, week, month, year.
I've been working on my income tax forms all day long. I've hardly had time to eat.
It's been raining all week long. We haven't seen the sun since last Monday.
along for the ride
Being in a group for the fun or the credit without doing any of the work.
He wants no members in his political party who are just along for the ride.
alongside of
At or along the side of.
We walked alongside of the river.
Together with.
I played alongside of Tom on the same team.
Compared with or to; measured next to.
His money doesn't look like much alongside of a millionaire's.
as long as
so long as
Since; because; considering that.
As long as you are going to town anyway, you can do something for me.
Provided that; if.
You may use the room as you like, so long as you clean it up afterward.
at last
at long last
After a long time; finally.
The war had been long and hard, but now there was peace at last.
The boy saved his money until at last he had enough for a bicycle.
We waited for hours and then the train arrived at last.
Now that I am sixteen, at last I can drive my parents' car.
be with someone
go along with
To support, to back; to understand or follow what someone is saying.
Although others thought that we shouldn’t go along with Jerry, I told Jerry that I was with him on his proposal for reorganizing the staff.
After turning left at the traffic light, go two blocks and turn right on Madison. After three more blocks, turn right again. Are you still with me?
before long
In a short time; without much delay; in a little while, soon.
Class will be over before long.
We were tired of waiting and hoped the bus would come before long.