Идиомы и фразеологизмы английского со словом live. Страница три

Словосочетания со словом live. Страница три

live from hand to mouth
To live on little money and spend it as fast as it comes in; live without saving for the future; have just enough.
Жить в плохих условиях, впроголодь; иметь мало денег - еле сводить концы с концами.
Mr. Johnson got very little pay, and the family lived from hand to mouth when he had no job.
These Indians live from hand to mouth on berries, nuts, and roots.
The man has been living from hand to mouth for many years.
Мужчина еле сводил концы с концами на протяжении многих лет.
The family was very poor and had to live from hand to mouth.
Семья была бедной, и им приходилось жить впроголодь.
live happily ever after
С тех пор жить счастливо.
They got married thirty years ago and lived happily ever after.
Они поженились тридцать лет назад и с тех пор жили счастливо.
live in a fool's paradise
To deceive oneself; tell oneself unreal stories.
Обманывать самого себя; жить иллюзиями.
His information is based on a lot of misunderstanding - the poor guy is living in a fool's paradise.
Его информация основана на неправильном понимании многого – бедный парень живет иллюзиями.
live in an ivory tower
To be blind to real life; live an unrealistically sheltered existence.
Быть в розовых очках; не видеть трудностей реальной жизни.
Professor Nebelmacher has no idea of the cost of living; he lives in an ivory tower.
You're completely out of touch - it's time to come out of your ivory tower and see what's going on!
С тобой невозможно связаться – пора уже выйти из своей башни и посмотреть, что происходит вокруг!
I think Helen lives in an ivory tower; she is unaware of the realities of everyday life.
Я думаю, что Елена живет, не зная житейских забот, она далека от реалий повседневной жизни.
live in the fast lane
To live a full and very active life pursuing wealth and success.
They have been living in the fast lane ever since they arrived in New York City.
live in
room to
room in
To live in the school you attend or the place where you work.
Jack decided to live in during his freshman year at college.
Many women advertise for mother's helpers to room in with families and help take care of children.
live it up
To pursue pleasure; enjoy games or night life very much; have fun at places of entertainment.
Joe had had a hard winter in lonesome places; now he was in town living it up.
The western cowboys usually went to town on Saturdays to live it up.
Kyle and Eric saved up money for two years so that they could travel to Europe and live it up.
After receiving a large inheritance from a rich aunt, I was able to live it up for years.
live off someone
To be supported by someone.
Although Eric is already 40 years old, he has no job and continues to live off his elderly parents.