Идиомы и фразеологизмы английского со словом live. Страница два

Словосочетания со словом live. Страница два

eat high on the hog
eat high off the hog
live high on the hog
live high off the hog
To eat or live well or elegantly.
For the first few days after the check arrived, they ate high on the hog.
fat of the land
live off the fat of the land
The best and richest food, clothes, everything.
When I'm rich I'll retire and live off the fat of the land.
know one is alive
Not to notice a person. Used with negative or limiting words and in questions.
She was a good-looking girl but she didn't know I was alive.
life of Riley
live the life of Riley
A soft easy life; pleasant or rich way of living.
Вести удобный и радостный образ жизни, не работая слишком много.
He's living the life of Riley. He doesn't have to work anymore.
He married a millionaire, and since then he's been living the life of Riley.
Он женился на миллионерше и с тех пор как сыр в масле катается.
live and learn
You learn more new things the longer you live; you learn by experience. A proverb.
Получать новые знания из опыта всю жизнь. "Век живи - век учись." Пословица.
"Live and learn," said Mother. "I never knew that the Indians once had a camp where our house is."
Janet made her new dress from cheap cloth, and when she washed it, it shrank and was too little. Live and learn.
"Live and learn", my father said, having learnt how to use a computer.
"Век живи, век учись" - сказал мой отец, изучая, как пользоваться компьютером.
live and let live
To live in the way you prefer and let others live as they wish without being bothered by you.
Жить собственной жизнью, но и давать другим жать так как они того желают.
Father scolds Mother because she wears her hair in curlers and Mother scolds Father because he smokes a smelly pipe. Grandfather says it's her hair and his pipe; live and let live.
I believe that one should live and let live, and I am not in the habit of criticizing other people.
Я считаю, что каждый должен сам жить и не мешать жить другим, и у меня нет привычки критиковать других людей.
live beyond one's means
Тратить больше денег, чем зарабатывать; жить не по средствам.
The cost of living was so much higher in New York that he was soon living beyond his means.
Жизнь в Нью-Йорке была настолько дороже, что очень скоро ему пришлось жить не по средствам.
Timothy has been living beyond his means for quite some time and is now in a serious trouble.
Тимоти уже какое-то время жил не по средствам и теперь у него серьезные проблемы.
live down
To remove (blame, distrust or unfriendly laughter) by good conduct; cause (a mistake or fault) to be forgiven or forgotten by not repeating it.
Искупить (оскорбление, вину) хорошим поведением; сделать так, что допущенная ошибка или промах будут прощены или забыты.
John's business failure hurt him for a long time, but in the end he lived it down.
Frank was rather a bad boy, but he lived it down as he grew up.
Sandra called her principal the wrong name at the banquet, in front of everyone, and she thought she would never live it down.
You can never live this down!
Тебе этого никогда не искупить!