Идиомы и фразеологизмы английского со словом keep. Страница два

Фразеологизмы со словом keep. Страница два

head above water
keep one's head above water
out of difficulty; clear of trouble.
How are your marks at school? Are you keeping your head above water?
Business at the store is bad. They can't keep their heads above water.
To remain solvent; manage to stay out of debt.
Держаться на плаву, справляться с трудностями.
Herb's income declined so drastically that he now has difficulty keeping his head above water.
We have so little money that we can hardly keep our heads above water.
У нас так мало денег, что мы едва справляемся.
hold one's end up
hold up one's end
keep one's end up
keep up one's end
To do your share of work; do your part.
Mary washed the dishes so fast that Ann, who was drying them, couldn't keep her end up.
Susan kept up her end of the conversation, but Bill did not talk very much.
Bob said he would lend me his bicycle if I repaired the flat tire, but he didn't keep up his end of the bargain.
hold one's temper
keep one's temper
To make yourself be quiet and peaceful; not become angry.
The meeting will go smoothly if the president keeps his temper.
Dave can't keep his temper when he drives in heavy traffic.
in keeping
Going well together; agreeing; similar.
Mary's hair style was in keeping with the latest fashion.
Having an assembly on Friday morning was in keeping with the school program.
in mind
keep in mind
bear in mind
In the center of your thought; in your close attention; to remember.
Держать в голове; держать в центре внимания; помнить.
You have to be home by 11 o'clock. Keep that in mind, Bob.
Mary is studying hard with a good grade in mind.
Bear in mind the rules of safety when you swim.
The manager told us to keep the new rules in mind.
Менеджер сказал нам иметь ввиду новые правила.
Every driver must always bear in mind the rules of driving.
Каждый водитель всегда должен помнить правила дорожного движения.
Please keep in mind that you promised to call Stan around noon.
I didn’t know that Paula doesn’t like vegetables. We should bear that in mind next time we invite her for dinner.
keep a civil tongue in one's head
To be polite in speaking.
He was very angry with his boss, but he kept a civil tongue in his head.
The bus driver began yelling at the woman and she told him to keep a civil tongue in his head.
keep a stiff upper lip
To be brave; face trouble bravely.
He was very much worried about his sick daughter, but he kept a stiff upper lip.
Although he was having some trouble with the engine, the pilot kept a stiff upper lip and landed the plane safely.
keep a straight face
Сохранять серьезное лицо, в тот момент, когда хочется смеяться
It’s hard to keep a straight face when my friend starts to fool around.
Трудно сохранять невозмутимый вид, когда мой друг начинает дурачиться.
I tried to keep a straight face, but failed.
Я старался не засмеяться, но безуспешно.