Идиомы и фразеологизмы английского со словом keep. Страница десять

Фразеологизмы со словом keep. Страница десять

light housekeeping
An arrangement in which an unmarried couple live together.
Are Joe and Sue married? - Oh, no, - it's just a case of light housekeeping.
on one's good side
on the good side of one
get on the good side of
keep on the good side of
Friendly with someone; liked by a person.
John thought that he would get a good grade if he got on the good side of the teacher.
Successful workers stay on the good side of their bosses.
To gain the favor of someone; flatter or please another.
A clever lobbyist knows how to get on the good side of both the House of Representatives and the Senate.
on one's toes
stay on one's toes
keep on one's toes
Alert; ready to act; cautious.
This idiom is usually used with the verbs stay and keep.
Готовность к действию; "на чеку".
The successful ball player is always on his toes.
He has been on his toes so far.
Он до сего момента был готов действовать.
It’s important for all the players on a soccer team to stay on their toes.
We’d better keep on our toes while we’re walking along the dark portions of this street.
out of keeping
Not going well together; not agreeing; not proper.
Loud talk was out of keeping in the library.
It was out of keeping for the kind man to kick the dog.
play for keeps
To take an action of finality and irreversibility.
"Are you serious about me?" she asked. "Yes," he replied. "I want to marry you. I play for keeps."
to oneself
keep to oneself
Silently; in the thoughts; without making a sign that others can see; secretly.
Tom thought to himself that he could win.
Mary said to herself that Joan was prettier than Ann.
Bill laughed to himself when John fell down.
Without telling others; in private; as a secret. Used after keep.
Mary keeps her affairs to herself.
John knew the answer to the problem, but he kept it to himself.
Without company; away from others; alone; deserted.
The boys went home and John was left to himself.
When Mary first moved to her new neighborhood she was very shy and kept to herself.
Following one's own beliefs or wishes; not stopped by others.
When John insisted on going, Fred left him to himself.
The teacher left Mary to herself to solve the problem.
weather eye
keep one's weather eye open
Eyes that can tell what the weather will be.
Grandfather's weather eye always tells him when it will rain.
Eyes ready or quick to see; careful watch. Usually used in phrases like keep a weather eye on, open, or out for.
Mrs. Brown kept a weather eye on the children so they wouldn't hurt each other.
Keep a weather eye out for Uncle George at the store.
Keep a weather eye open for deer.
The police have a weather eye out for the robbers.
with a whole skin
in a whole skin
keep a whole skin
With no injury; unhurt; safely.
Без повреждений; безопасно. "Спасти свою шкуру".
The boy was lucky to escape with a whole skin when the car went off the road.
Jack came through the game with a whole skin.
The horse threw him off, but he got away in a whole skin.
He worried only about keeping a whole skin.
Он беспокоился только о спасении своей шкуры.
I saw him in a whole skin.
Я видел, он был цел и невредим.