Идиомы и фразеологизмы английского со словом home. Страница три

Фразеологизмы со словом home. Страница три

nobody home
Your attention is somewhere else, not on what is being said or done here; you are absent-minded.
The teacher asked him a question three times but he still looked out the window. She gave up, saying, "Nobody home."
You are feeble-minded or insane.
He pointed to the woman, tapped his head, and said, "Nobody home."
on the home stretch
To say that you're on the home stretch means that you are approaching the end of something such as a task, a race or a journey.
Приближаться к концу чего-либо – выполнения задания, гонки и т.д.
Don't give up - we're on the home stretch now!
Не сдавайся – мы уже близки к концу!
The bulk of the work is behind us now - we're on the home stretch now!
I never thought the prison sentence would end, but I feel I’m on the home stretch now.
see one home
To walk a person home.
"Let me see you home, dear," Nick said to Jenny at the end of the party.
till the cows come home
Until sunset; until the last.
До заката; до конца.
The women in the country used to sit in the spinning room making yarn out of skeins of wool, usually till the cows came home.
I'm going to the party tonight. So I plan to stay out until the cows go home.
Я иду сегодня на вечеринку, так что собираюсь пробыть в гостях допоздна.
urban homesteading
Renovation and occupation through cooperative ownership by tenants of previously abandoned city apartment buildings.
Urban homesteading is on the rise in many big American cities these days.
write home about
To become especially enthusiastic or excited about; boast about. Often used after to.
Быть чем-либо заинтересованным; хвастаться чем-либо.
Часто используется после "to".
Mary's trip to the World's Fair was something to write home about.
Joe did a good enough job of painting but it was nothing to write home about.
"That was a dinner worth writing home about!" said Bill coming out of the restaurant.
Did you like your trip to Egypt?
You know, nothing to write home about.
Тебе понравилась твоя поездка в Египет?
Знаешь, ничего особенного.