Идиомы и фразеологизмы английского со словом home

Фразеологизмы со словом home

at home
In the place where you live or come from.
I went to his house, but he was not at home.
Americans abroad are protected by the government like Americans at home.
Knowing what to do or say; familiar; comfortable.
Charles and John enjoy working together because they feel at home with each other.
The politician was at home among poor farmers and among rich factory owners.
Make the new student feel at home in your school.
Would you be at home driving a truck?
Jim always lived by a lake, and he is at home in the water.
Tom has read many books about missiles and is at home in that subject.
bring home the bacon
To support your family; earn the family living.
Содержать семью; зарабатывать деньги на содержание семьи.
He was a steady fellow, who always brought home the bacon.
He brings home the bacon in that family.
Он зарабатывает на жизнь в той семье.
To win a game or prize.
The football team brought home the bacon.
bring home
To show clearly; emphasize; make (someone) realize; demonstrate.
The accident caused a death in his family, and it brought home to him the evil of drinking while driving.
A parent or teacher should bring home to children the value and pleasure of reading.
chickens come home to roost
Words or acts come back to cause trouble for a person; something bad you said or did receives punishment; you get the punishment that you deserve.
Often used in a short form.
Fred's chickens finally came home to roost today. He was late so often that the teacher made him go to the principal.
Mary's selfishness will come home to roost some day.
Truth be told, some nefarious financial decisions were made and the chickens are coming home to roost, albeit on the backs of some of the employees!
close to home
Too near to someone's personal feelings, wishes, or interests.
When John made fun of Bob's way of walking, he struck close to home.
When the preacher spoke about prejudice, some people felt he had come too close to home.
drive home
To argue convincingly; make a strong point.
Убеждать, втолковывать; доводить до полного понимания.
The doctor's convincing arguments and explanation of his X-ray pictures drove home the point to Max that he needed surgery.
Our teacher tried to drive home this grammar rule to us, but I understood nothing from his explanations.
Наш учитель пытался втолковать нам это грамматическое правило, но я ничего не понял из его объяснений.
eat one out of house and home
To eat so much as to cause economic hardship.
Our teenaged sons are so hungry all the time that they may soon eat us out of house and home.
To overstay one's welcome.
We love Bob and Jane very much, but after two weeks we started to feel that they were eating us out of house and home.
hit home
strike home
To go directly to the mark; strike a vulnerable spot.
His remark hit home when he referred to those who do not contribute sufficiently to the college fund drive.