Идиомы и фразеологизмы английского со словом heart. Страница три

Словосочетания со словом heart. Страница три

from the heart
Sincerely; honestly.
John always speaks from the heart.
get to the heart of
To find the most important facts about or the central meaning of; understand the most important thing about.
You can often get to the heart of people's unhappiness by letting them talk.
"If you can find a topic sentence, often it will help you get to the heart of the paragraph," said the teacher.
hale and hearty
In very good health; well and strong.
Grandfather will be 80 years old tomorrow, but he is hale and hearty.
That little boy looks hale and hearty, as if he is never sick.
Lacking enthusiasm or interest.
Phil made several half-hearted attempts to learn word processing, but we could see that he didn't really like it.
Unsympathetic; merciless.
Jack is so hardhearted that even his own children expect nothing from him.
have a big heart
дословно: иметь большое сердце
Быть добрым, щедрым, помогать другим людям.
The man has a big heart and he will always try to help other people.
У этого мужчины большое сердце и он всегда будет пытаться помогать другим людям.
have a heart-to-heart talk
To confide in someone with great intimacy.
Jill and her mother had a heart-to-heart talk before she decided to move in with Andrew.
have a heart
To stop being mean; be kind, generous, or sympathetic.
"Сжальтесь", "помилосердствуйте" и т.д.
Have a heart, Bob, and lend me two dollars.
Have a heart, Mary, and help me with this lesson.
He didn't know if the teacher would have a heart and pass him.
"Have a heart," I told my supervisor when he said that I must work the whole weekend.
"Сжальтесь", сказал я своему начальнику, когда он сказал, что я должен работать все выходные.