Идиомы и фразеологизмы английского со словом heart

Словосочетания со словом heart

Queen of Hearts
Дама червей. О женщине, которая превосходит всех в своем окружении.
Between those ladies the oldest one is the loveliest one- she is queen of hearts.
Среди тех женщин самая старшая – самая красивая, настоящая покорительница сердец.
after one's own heart
Well liked because of agreeing with your own feelings, interests, and ideas; to your liking-agreeable. Used after man or some similar word.
He likes baseball and good food; he is a man after my own heart.
Thanks for agreeing with me about the class party; you're a girl after my own heart.
at heart
In spite of appearances; at bottom; in reality.
This idiom is used to describe the true character of a person.
His manners are rough but he is a kind man at heart.
James sometimes seems quite unfriendly but at heart he’s a good person.
The Fares often don’t see eye to eye, but at heart they both love each other very much.
As a serious interest or concern; as an important aim or goal.
He has the welfare of the poor at heart.
bare one's heart
bare one's soul
Открывать кому-то самые сокровенные мысли или чувства. Излить душу.
John couldn't keep things to himself any longer. He decided to bare his soul to his best friend.
Джон не мог больше держать все в себе. Он решил открыться своему другу.
If you bare your heart, you will feel better!
Если ты поделишься со мной, тебе станет легче.
bleeding heart
Человек склонный проявлять излишнее сочувствие к другим; чуткая личность.
He is bleeding heart and always helps poor.
Он очень чуткий и всегда подает бедным.
bless one's heart
To thank someone; consider one the cause of something good that has happened.
Aunt Jane, bless her heart, left me half a million dollars!
break one's heart
To discourage greatly; make very sad or hopeless.
Разбить чье-либо сердце; очень сильно кого-либо расстроить, заставить печалиться.
His son's disgrace broke his heart.
When Mr. White lost everything he had worked so hard for, it broke his heart.
The man broke his girlfriend's heart when he told her that he no longer loved her.
Мужчина разбил сердце своей девушке, когда сказал ей, что больше не любит её.
The news of her death broke his heart.
Новости, о ее смерти разбили ему сердце.
by heart
learn by heart
By exact memorizing; so well that you remember it; by memory.
Очень хорошо помнить.
The pupils learned many poems by heart.
He knew the records of the major league teams by heart.
The children learned all of the songs by heart for the school play.
Дети выучили наизусть все песни для школьного спектакля.
He knows many passages from Shakespeare by heart.
Do you know all the idioms you have studied in this book by heart?