Идиомы и фразеологизмы английского со словом hard. Страница два

Фразеологизмы со словом hard. Страница два

go hard with
To be painful, troublesome, or hard for; happen or result badly for. Used after it.
It will go hard with you if I catch you smoking.
hard as nails
as hard as nails
Not flabby or soft; physically very fit; tough and strong.
After a summer of work in the country, Jack was as hard as nails, without a pound of extra weight.
Not gentle or mild; rough; stern. Very unfeeling; cruel, and unsympathetic.
Johnny works for a boss who is as hard as nails and scolds Johnny roughly whenever he does something wrong.
Uncle Joe is as hard as nails; although he is a millionaire, he doesn't help his less fortunate relatives.
hard feeling
Angry or bitter feeling; enmity. Usually used in the plural.
Jim asked Andy to shake hands with him, just to show that there were no hard feelings.
Bob and George once quarreled over a girl, and there are still hard feelings between them.
hard going
Fraught with difficulty.
Dave finds his studies of math hard going.
hard line
take a hard line with
Tough political policy.
Although modern economists were trying to persuade him to open up to the West, Castro has always taken the hard line approach.
hard nut to crack
tough nut to crack
Something difficult to understand or to do.
Tom's algebra lesson was a hard nut to crack.
Mary found knitting a hard nut to crack.
hard of hearing
Partially deaf; not able to hear well.
Some people who are hard of hearing wear hearing aids.
You’ll have to speak a little louder. Mrs Evans is hard of hearing.
Please don’t shout. I’m not hard of hearing.
Listening to loud music too much can make you hard of hearing.
hard put
hard put to it
In a difficult position; faced with difficulty; barely able.
John was hard put to find a good excuse for his lateness in coming to school.
The scouts found themselves hard put to it to find the way home.