Идиомы и фразеологизмы английского со словом hard. Страница пять

Фразеологизмы со словом hard. Страница пять

hardtop convertible
A car with windows that can be completely lowered with no partitions left standing, and with a top that may or may not be lowered.
Mr. Brown's new car is a hardtop convertible.
no hard feelings
A lack of resentment or anger; a state of peace and forgiveness.
"No hard feelings," he said. "You should feel free to make constructive criticism any time."
play hard ball
To act aggressively or ruthlessly to get what you want.
Concerning your work situation, you’re in no position to play hard ball with management.
play hard to get
To act as if one weren't interested; be fickle; be coy.
"Professor Brown is playing very hard to get," our dean said, "but I know he will accept our offer and come to teach here."
school of hard knocks
Life outside of school or college; life out in the world; the ordinary experience of learning from work and troubles.
He never went to high school; he was educated in the school of hard knocks.
tough luck
tough shit
hard luck
tough break
An informal way to say that one had that coming; it serves one right.
So your date didn't show up, eh? Tough luck, fellow.