Идиомы и фразеологизмы английского со словом ground. Страница три

Фразеологизмы со словом ground. Страница три

happy hunting ground
The place where, in American Indian belief, a person goes after death; heaven.
The Indians believed that at death they went to the happy hunting ground.
A place or area where you can find a rich variety of what you want, and plenty of it.
The forest is a happy hunting ground for scouts who are interested in plants and flowers.
Shell collectors find the ocean beaches happy hunting grounds.
lose ground
To go backward; retreat.
The soldiers began to lose ground when their leader was killed.
To become weaker; get worse; not improve.
The sick man began to lose ground when his cough grew worse.
When the Democrats are in power, the Republicans lose ground.
middle ground
A place halfway between the two sides of an argument; a compromise.
John wanted to go running. Bill said it was too hot. Tom took the middle ground and suggested a hike.
The committee found a middle ground between the two proposals.
run into the ground
To do or use (something) more than is wanted or needed.
It's all right to borrow my hammer once in a while, but don't run it into the ground.
To win over or defeat (someone) completely.
We lost the game today, but tomorrow we'll run them into the ground.
stamping ground
A place where a person spends much of his time.
Pete's soda fountain is an afterschool stamping ground.
When John returned to his hometown many years later, he visited all of his old stamping grounds.
stand one's ground
hold one's ground
To stay and fight instead of running away.
The enemy attacked in great numbers but our men stood their ground.
To defend a belief or statement; refuse to weaken when opposed; insist you are right.
John's friends said he was mistaken but he stood his ground.