Идиомы и фразеологизмы английского со словом ground. Страница два

Фразеологизмы со словом ground. Страница два

from the ground up
From the beginning; entirely; completely.
After the fire they had to rebuild their cabin from the ground up.
Sam knows about baseball from the ground up.
The new cars have been changed from the ground up.
gain ground
To go forward; move ahead.
Двигаться вперед; делать успехи.
The soldiers fought hard and began to gain ground.
The toy company has been gaining ground in their effort to sell more products.
Компания по производству игрушек делает успехи в увеличении объемов реализации своей продукции.
To become stronger; make progress; improve.
The sick man gained ground after being near death.
Under Lincoln, the Republican Party gained ground.
get in on the ground floor
To be one of the first members or employees to participate in the growth of a firm, educational institution, etc.
Elliott got in on the ground floor and made a fortune at the company.
Mr. Smith who joined the new college as an instructor, got in on the ground floor, and wound up as its president after twenty years.
get off the ground
To make a successful beginning; get a good start; go ahead; make progress.
Our plans for a party didn't get off the ground because no one could come.
give ground
To go backward under attack; move back; retreat.
After fighting for a while the troops slowly began to give ground.
Although they were outnumbered by the enemy, the men refused to give ground.
ground ball
A ball batted onto the ground in baseball; a grounder.
Taylor hit a ground ball to the short-stop.
ground floor
First floor of a house or building.
Mrs. Turner has an apartment on the ground floor.
The first or best chance, especially in a business.
That man got rich because he got in on the ground floor of the television business.
ground rule
A rule in sports that is made especially for the grounds or place where a game is played. Usually used in the plural.
There was such a big crowd at the baseball game, that the ground rules of the field were changed in case a ball went into the crowd.
A rule, usually not written, of what to do or how to act in case certain things happen. Usually used in the plural.
When you go to a new school, you don't know the ground rules of how you are supposed to behave.