Идиомы и фразеологизмы английского со словом good. Страница два

Фразеологизмы со словом good. Страница два

but good
Very much so; thoroughly completely; forcefully. Used for emphasis.
Jack called Charles a bad name, and Charles hit him, but good.
Tom fell and broke his leg. That taught him but good not to fool around in high trees.
consumer goods
consumer items
Food and manufactured things that people buy for their own use.
In time of war, the supply of consumer goods is greatly reduced.
deliver the goods
To carry things and give them to the person who wants them.
Lee delivered the goods to the right house.
To succeed in doing well what is expected.
The new pitcher delivered the goods by striking out 20 men in his first game.
This personal computer surely delivers the goods.
do one a good turn
To perform an act of kindness, friendship, or help to another person, unselfishly, without expectation of reward.
"I'll be happy to help you any time you need it," John said. "After all you have done me so many good turns."
do one good
do one's heart good
To give satisfaction; please; gratify. To benefit.
It does my heart good to see those children play.
The fresh air will do you good after having been inside the house all day.
for good measure
As something more added to what is expected or needed; as an extra.
He sold me the car at a cheap price and included the radio for good measure.
She puts in the spices the recipe calls for and then adds an extra pinch for good measure.
for good
for good and all
Permanently, forever, for always.
The lost money was gone for good.
He hoped that the repairs would stop the leak for good.
When John graduated from school, he decided that he was done with study for good and all.
Ruth has returned to Canada for good. She won't ever live in the United States again.
Are you finished with school for good, or will you continue your studies some day?
get a big hand
get a good hand
get a nice hand
give a big hand
To clap one’s hands in applause, to applaud.
Заслужить аплодисменты. Апплодировать.
She got a big hand for singing so well.
Она заслужила аплодисменты за то, что так хорошо пела.
After the talented new vocalist had sung her number, the audience gave her a big hand.
Should we give a big hand to each beauty contestant is as she is introduced, or should we wait until all the introductions are finished?