Идиомы и фразеологизмы английского со словом good. Страница девять

Фразеологизмы со словом good. Страница девять

sell one a bill of goods
To persuade another to acquire something useless; defraud.
Убедить кого-нибудь купить что-то бесполезное; обманывать.
We were sure sold a bill of goods when Alfred persuaded us to buy his custom-built car for which replacement parts weren't available anywhere.
Don’t pay attention to what John says. He’s just trying to sell you a bill of goods.
Не обращай внимания на то, что говорит Джон. Он просто пытается тебя надуть.
so far, so good
Until now things have gone well.
So far, so good; I hope we keep on with such good luck.
stand one in good stead
To be helpful or useful to.
A boy scout knife will stand you in good stead when you do not have other tools.
Julia knew how to typewrite, and that stood her in good stead when she looked for a job.
to the good
all to the good
On the side of profit or advantage; in one's favor; to one's benefit; ahead.
After I sold my stamp collection, I was ten dollars to the good.
The teacher did not see him come in late, which was all to the good.
well and good
Good; satisfactory. Often used without a verb to show agreement or understanding.
If my daughter finishes high school, I will call that well and good.
Well and good; I will come to your house tomorrow.
with good grace
With pleasant and courteous behavior; politely; willingly; without complaining.
The boys had been well-coached; they took the loss of the game with good grace.
The principal scolded Nora, who accepted his criticism with good grace.