Идиомы и фразеологизмы английского со словом fool

Словосочетания со словом fool

children and fools speak the truth
Children and fools say things without thinking; they say what they think or know when grown-ups might not think it was polite or wise to do so. A proverb.
Дети и глупцы говорят правду - "Устами младенца глаголет истина".
"Uncle Willie is too fat," said little Agnes. "Children and fools speak the truth," said her father.
"Дядя Вилли слишком толстый" - сказала маленькая Агнес. "Устами младенца глаголет истина" - сказал ее отец.
fiddle around
fool around
play around
monkey around
To spend time playing, fooling, or joking instead of being serious or working; waste time.
Проводить время играя, дурачась или шутя вместо того, чтобы быть серьезным или работать.
If you go to college, you must work, not fool around.
The boys fooled around all afternoon in the park.
The boy spent the morning monkeying around with the old radio.
Мальчик провел утро, забавляясь со старым радио.
Sometimes I wish that Pat would stop fooling around so much and talk about something more interesting to others.
To treat or handle carelessly.
Bob cut himself by fooling around with a sharp knife.
Suzie says she wishes John would quit playing around with the girls and get married.
The teacher got angry because her students were fooling around and couldn’t finish their work before the end of class.
To work or do something in an irregular or unplanned way; tinker.
Jimmy likes to monkey around with automobile engines.
Alice is fooling around with the piano in her spare time.
fool and his money are soon parted
A foolish person soon wastes his money. A proverb.
Глупцы быстро расстаются с деньгами.
Jimmy spends all his pennies for candy. A fool and his money are soon parted.
Джимми тратит все свои деньги на сладости. У дурака деньги долго не задерживаются.
fool away
fritter away
To waste foolishly.
Paul failed history because he fooled away his time instead of studying.
The man won a lot of money, but he soon frittered it away and was poor again.
So constructed that not even a fool can spoil it; easy.
This entrance examination is so easy that it is actually foolproof.
live in a fool's paradise
To deceive oneself; tell oneself unreal stories.
Обманывать самого себя; жить иллюзиями.
His information is based on a lot of misunderstanding - the poor guy is living in a fool's paradise.
Его информация основана на неправильном понимании многого – бедный парень живет иллюзиями.
make a fool of
make a clown of
make a monkey of
To make (someone) look foolish.
Выставлять кого-либо на посмешище.
The boy made a fool of himself.
Mary's classmates made a fool of her by telling her the party was to be a masquerade.
My friend made a monkey out of me when he started arguing with me in front of my boss.
Мой друг выставил меня на посмешище, когда начал спорить со мной перед моим начальником.
nobody's fool
A smart person; a person who knows what he is doing; a person who can take care of himself.
In the classroom and on the football field, Henry was nobody's fool.