Идиомы и фразеологизмы английского со словом finger. Страница два

Фразеологизмы со словом finger. Страница два

Given to stealing; having a tendency to be dishonest or a kleptomaniac.
I always suspected that Freddie might be lightfingered and my suspicions were confirmed when he was arrested for shoplifting.
not to lift a finger
To not help in the slightest degree.
"My husband won't lift a finger to help me," she complained, "although we have 12 people coming for dinner."
not to move a finger
Ничего не сделать; палец о палец не ударить.
She didn’t even move a finger.
Она даже палец о палец не ударила.
put one's finger on
lay one's finger on
To find exactly.
The engineers couldn't put their fingers on the reason for the rocket's failure to orbit.
We called in an electrician hoping he could put a finger on the cause of the short circuit.
slip through one's fingers
To escape without someone's knowing how.
Policemen surrounded the building, but the thief managed to slip through their fingers.
Mike earns a good wage, but he doesn't save a penny. Money just slips through his fingers.
snap one's fingers at
To show contempt for; show no respect for; pay no attention to; scorn; disregard.
John snapped his fingers at the sign that said "Do not enter," and he went in the door.
The highway sign said "Speed limit, 35 miles per hour," but when a driver snapped his fingers at it by going 55 miles an hour, a motorcycle policeman arrested him.
sticky fingers
The habit of stealing things you see and want.
Don't leave money in your locker; some of the boys have sticky fingers.
Don't leave that girl alone in the room with so many valuable objects around, because she has sticky fingers.
Ability to catch a ball, especially football forward passes.
Jack is very tall and has sticky fingers. He is an end on the football team.
twist around one's little finger
twist one around one's little finger
turn one around one's little finger
wrap one around one's finger
To have complete control over; to be able to make (someone) do anything you want.
Иметь полный контроль над кем-либо; иметь возможность заставить кого-либо сделать то что вы хотите; "вить веревки из кого-либо".
Sue can twist any of the boys around her little finger.
I don’t want you to twist me round your little finger.
Я не хочу, чтобы ты вил из меня веревки.