Идиомы и фразеологизмы английского со словом finger

Фразеологизмы со словом finger

act of God
the fickle finger of fate
An occurrence (usually some sort of catastrophe) for which the people affected are not responsible; said of earthquakes, floods, etc.
Происшествие, за которое люди не несут ответственности, например землетрясение или наводнение.
Hurricane Andrew destroyed many houses in Florida, but some types of insurance did not compensate the victims, claiming that the hurricane was an act of God.
Despite all Acts of God, we continue to destroy our planet.
Несмотря на все стихийные бедствия, мы продолжаем разрушать нашу планету.
at one's fingertips
Within easy reach; quickly touched; nearby.
Seated in the cockpit, the pilot of a plane has many controls at his fingertips.
Readily usable as knowledge or skill; familiar.
He had several languages at his fingertips.
He had the whole design of the machine at his fingertips.
burn one's fingers
get one's fingers burned
To get in trouble doing something and fear to do it again; learn caution through an unpleasant experience.
Попасть однажды в трудную ситуацию, и боятся снова попасть в такое-же положение.
He had burned his fingers in the stock market once, and didn't want to try again.
Some people can't be told; they have to burn their fingers to learn.
My father burned his fingers in the stock market and he does not want to invest money there again.
Мой отец обжег руки на рынке ценных бумаг и не хочет больше вкладывать туда деньги.
He got his fingers so badly burnt in the last elections that he decided to withdraw from politics.
Он так обжегся на предыдущих выборах, что решил уйти из политики.
cross one's fingers
keep one's fingers crossed
keep your fingers crossed
To cross two fingers of one hand for good luck. To wish for good luck.
Скрестить пальцы на удачу; надеяться что все пройдет гладко. Желать удачи.
Mary crossed her fingers during the race so that Tom would win.
I have a job interview today. Keep your fingers crossed for me, will you?
У меня сегодня собеседование на работу. Скрестишь пальцы на удачу, хорошо?
Let’s keep our fingers crossed that we got passing grades on that college entrance exam.
Jerry kept his fingers crossed that the good weather would hold up for the picnic he was planning for the coming weekend.
Keep your fingers crossed while I take the test.
I crossed my fingers for you.
Я держала кулаки за тебя.
To cross two fingers of one hand to excuse an untruth that you are telling.
Johnny crossed his fingers when he told his mother the lie.
finger in the pie
Something to do with what happens; part interest or responsibility.
Готовить предстоящее событие, быть вовлеченным, участвовать.
When the girls got up a Christmas party, I felt sure Alice had a finger in the pie.
The Jones Company was chosen to build the new hospital and we knew Mr. Smith had a finger in the pie.
Jack is a boy with a finger in every pie at school, from dramatics to football.
For information about the town development project, you should talk to John Brown. He has a finger in every pie.
Если вам нужна информация о проекте развития города, вам следует поговорить с Джоном. Он в курсе многих дел.
Did I tell you my boss is threatening to fire me because I'm too weird? But I don't really care because I've got all my other jobs. On Monday I’m a fire eater, on Tuesdays I'm a brain surgeon, on Wednesdays I'm a clown, on Thursdays I'm an astronaut and on Fridays I'm... a traffic warden. I've got my fingers in many pies!
Я говорил вам, мой шеф грозится уволить меня, потому что я слишком странный? Но меня это действительно не волнует, потому что у меня есть много других профессий. В понедельник я глотатель огня, по вторникам я нейрохирург, по средам я клоун, по четвергам я астронавт, а по пятницам я... инспектор дорожного движения! У меня действительно много занятий!
have a hand in
have a finger in
have one's finger in
To have a part in or influence over; to be partly responsible for.
Участвовать в чем-либо; быть частично ответственным за что-либо.
Sue's schoolmates respect her and she has a hand in every important decision made by the Student Council.
Ben had a hand in getting ready the Senior play.
I didn’t have my finger in that event.
Я не участвовала в том событии.
lay a finger on
To touch or bother, even a little. Used in negative, interrogative, and conditional sentences.
Don't you dare lay a finger on the vase!
Suppose Billy fakes his brother with him; wilt the mean, tough boy down the street dare lay a finger on him?
If you so much as lay a finger on my boy, I'll call the police.
lift a finger
lift a hand
raise a hand
To do something; do your share; to help. Usually used in the negative.
We all worked hard except Joe. He wouldn't lift a finger.
The king did not lift a hand when his people were hungry.