Идиомы и фразеологизмы английского со словом feel. Страница четыре

Словосочетания со словом feel. Страница четыре

no hard feelings
A lack of resentment or anger; a state of peace and forgiveness.
"No hard feelings," he said. "You should feel free to make constructive criticism any time."
put out feelers
"Прощупать обстановку"; присмотреться к обстоятельствам.
The politician put out feelers to test public reaction to his future proposals.
Политик очень осторожно проверял реакцию общественности на его будущие предложения.
take pity on
take pity upon
feel sorry for
To feel sympathy or pity and do something for.
Mary took pity on the orphan kittens.
The farmer took pity upon the campers, and let them stay in his barn during the rain.
Don't you feel sorry for someone who has to work the night shift?
I helped drive Pierre around when he broke his foot because I took pity on him.
two cents
put in one's two cents worth
feel like two cents
Something not important or very small; almost nothing.
Paul was so angry that he said for two cents he would quit the team.
When John saw that the girl he was scolding was lame, he felt like two cents.
Something you want to say; opinion. Used with a possessive.
Что-то, что хочется сказать; мнение.
If we want your two cents, we'll ask for it.
Everybody is tired with this know-all man; his is always putting his two cents in every discussion.
Все устали от этого всезнайки, он всегда вставляет свои две копейки в любой спор.