Идиомы и фразеологизмы английского со словом feel

Словосочетания со словом feel

cop a feel
To attempt to arouse sexually by manual contact, usually by surprise.
John talks big for a 16 year old, but all he's ever done is cop a feel in a dark movie theater.
feel a draft
To have the sensation that one is not welcome in a place; that one has gotten a cold reception.
Let's go, Suzie, I feel a draft.
feel bummed out
Чувствовать себя раздраженным, разочарованным, подавленным, расстроенным; быть не в настроении, в депрессии.
I feel so bummed out for I won't see her tonight.
Я так расстроен из-за того, что не смогу встретиться с ней вечером.
feel for someone
To be able to sympathize with someone's problems.
I can really feel for you, John, for losing your job.
feel free to do
To take the liberty to engage in an activity.
Please feel free to take off your jackets; this is an informal party.
feel in one's bones
know in one's bones
To have an idea or feeling but not know why.
I feel in my bones that tomorrow will be a sunny day.
I know in my bones that God will protect us.
feel like a million
feel like a million dollars
To be in the best of health and spirits.
Чувствовать себя очень хорошо и в смысле здоровья и в смысле настроения.
I feel like a million this morning.
He had a headache yesterday but feels like a million dollars today.
I feel like a million dollars today and I have a plenty of plans for the future.
Я прекрасно чувствую себя сегодня и у меня множество планов на будущее.
feel like a new man
To feel healthy, vigorous, and well again after a major physical illness or emotional upheaval.
Ted felt like a new man after his successful heart bypass operation.