Идиомы и фразеологизмы английского со словом fast

Словосочетания со словом fast

a dog's breakfast
The new secretary made a dog's breakfast out of the filing system!
Новая секретарша устроила полную неразбериху в системе заполнения!
bad news travels fast
Аналог: дурные вести не сидят на месте.
О ситуации, когда информация о чем-то плохом быстро распространилась.
Sara told me about your divorce. Bad news travels fast.
Сара рассказала мне о твоем разводе. Плохие вести не сидят на месте.
daylight saving time
daylight saving
daylight time
fast time
A way of keeping time in summer that is one or two hours ahead of standard time. Abbreviation DST.
Many places in the United States keep their clocks on daylight saving time in the summer; in this way people get up earlier and have more free time in the afternoon and evening while it is still daylight.
Father said that next week it will get dark later because we will change to daylight saving lime.
We go off daylight saving in the fall.
fast and furious
Very fast; with much speed and energy.
Очень быстро; быстро и энергично.
He was mowing the grass at a fast and furious rate.
When I last saw her she was driving fast and furious down the street.
Eager to win the race, the competitors came fast and furious around the bend.
Горящие желанием победить, противники быстро обогнули поворот.
fast buck
quick buck
make a fast buck
make a quick buck
Money earned quickly and easily, and sometimes dishonestly.
You can make a fast buck at the golf course by fishing balls out of the water trap.
He isn't interested in a career; he's just looking for a quick buck.
fast talker
A con artist or a swindler, one who is particularly apt to get away with illegitimate transactions because of the clever way he talks.
I wouldn't trust Uncle Joe if I were you, - he is a fast talker.
fasten on
To attach; tie something to make it secure.
"Fasten on your life jackets when you get into the life boats," the captain said.
Not to be broken or changed; fixed; strict.
The teacher said that there was a hard-and-fast rule against smoking in the school.