Идиомы и фразеологизмы английского со словом come. Страница два

Словосочетания со словом come. Страница два

come across
run across
To find or meet by chance.
He came across a dollar bill in the suit he was sending to the cleaner.
I came across George at a party last week; it was the first time I had seen him in months.
The other day I ran across a book that you might like.
While Cheryl was cleaning the attic, she came across some very old coins. It took her by surprise to run across something like that.
To give or do what is asked.
The robber told the woman to come across with her purse.
For hours the police questioned the man suspected of kidnapping the child, and finally he came across with the story.
come again
Please repeat; please say that again. Usually used as a command.
"Harry has just come into a fortune," my wife said. "Come again? " I asked her, not believing it.
"Come again," said the hard-of-hearing man.
come alive
come to life
To become alert or attentive; wake up and look alive; become active.
When Mr. Simmons mentioned money, the boys came alive.
Bob pushed the starter button, and the engine came alive with a roar.
To look real; take on a bright, natural look.
Under skillful lighting, the scene came alive.
The President came alive in the picture as the artist worked.
come along
To make progress; improve; succeed.
He was coming along well after the operation.
Rose is coming right along on the piano.
come apart at the seams
To become upset to the point where one loses self-control and composure as if having suffered a sudden nervous breakdown.
After his divorce Joe seemed to be coming apart at the seams.
come at
To approach; come to or against; advance toward.
The young boxer came at the champion cautiously.
To understand (a word or idea) or master (a skill); succeed with.
The sense of an unfamiliar word is hard to come at.
come away empty-handed
Уходить с пустыми руками.
We came away from the department store empty-handed.
Из универмага мы вернулись с пустыми руками.
come back to earth
come down to earth
To return to the real world; stop imagining or dreaming; think and behave as usual.
After Jane met the movie star it was hard for her to come back to earth.
Bill was sitting and daydreaming so his mother told him to come down to earth and to do his homework.