Идиомы и фразеологизмы английского со словом chicken

Фразеологизмы со словом chicken

chicken and egg situation
Ситуация, когда трудно понять, что является причиной а что следствием.
I do not know if I should buy a new computer so I can make some money with it or make some money first and then buy a new computer. It is a chicken and egg situation.
Я не знаю, стоит ли мне купить новый компьютер, чтобы была возможность заработать с его помощью денег, или мне нужно сначала заработать денег, а потом уже покупать компьютер. Это как с курицей и яйцом.
chicken feed
A very small sum of money.
Очень маленькая сумма денег.
John and Bill worked very hard, but they were only paid chicken feed.
Mr. Jones is so rich be thinks a thousand dollars is chicken feed.
The amount of money that I spent last night was chicken feed and I am not worried about it at all.
Денег, которые я вчера потратил, было кот наплакал и я нисколько по этому поводу не волнуюсь.
I got a job during the holidays but the pay was chicken feed.
Я подрабатывал на каникулах, но платили сущие гроши.
chicken out
To stop doing something because of fear; to decide not to do something after all even though previously having decided to try it.
Перестать что-то делать из-за страха; решить не делать что-нибудь уже после того как было решено попытаться сделать это.
I used to ride a motorcycle on the highway, but I've chickened out.
I decided to take flying lessons but just before they started I chickened out.
My friend was planning to come with us but he chickened out at the last moment.
Мой друг планировал пойти с нами, но он струсил и отказался в последний момент
chicken switch
The emergency eject button used by test pilots in fast and high flying aircraft by means of which they can parachute to safety if the engine fails; later adopted by astronauts in space capsules.
Don't pull the chicken switch, unless absolutely necessary.
The panic button; a panicky reaction to an unforeseen situation, such as unreasonable or hysterical telephone calls to friends for help.
Joe pulled the chicken switch on his neighbor when the grease started burning in the kitchen.
Stupid; narrow-minded; unimaginative.
I can't understand how a bright woman like Helen can date such a chicken-brained guy as Oliver.
Cowardly; excessively timid.
"Come on, let's get on that roller coaster," she cried. "Don't be so chicken-hearted."
Easily scared; cowardly.
Легко пугающийся, трусливый, малодушный.
Joe sure is a chicken-livered guy.
The boy called his friend chicken-livered which made the friend very angry.
Мальчик назвал своего друга трусливым, из-за чего его друг очень разозлился.
chickens come home to roost
Words or acts come back to cause trouble for a person; something bad you said or did receives punishment; you get the punishment that you deserve.
Often used in a short form.
Fred's chickens finally came home to roost today. He was late so often that the teacher made him go to the principal.
Mary's selfishness will come home to roost some day.
Truth be told, some nefarious financial decisions were made and the chickens are coming home to roost, albeit on the backs of some of the employees!