Идиомы и фразеологизмы английского со словом catch. Страница два

Фразеологизмы со словом catch. Страница два

catch off balance
To confront someone with physical force or with a statement or question he or she is not prepared to answer or deal with; to exploit the disadvantage of another.
The smaller wrestler caught his opponent off balance and managed to throw him on the float in spite of his greater weight and strength.
Your question has caught me off balance; please give me some time to think about your problem.
catch off guard
To challenge or confront a person at a time of lack of preparedness or sufficient care.
The suspect was caught off guard by the detective and confessed where he had hidden the stolen car.
catch on
To understand; learn about. Often used with to.
You'll catch on to the job after you've been here awhile.
Don't play any tricks on Joe. When he catches on, he will beat you.
When the teacher speaks quickly like that, can you catch on easily?
His joke was very funny at the time, but when I told it to others later, nobody seemed to catch on. I had to tell the joke again before anyone could catch on to it.
To become popular; be done or used by many people.
The song caught on and was sung and played everywhere.
Fashions of the past often catch on again among young people.
To be hired; get a job.
The ball player caught on with a big league team last year.
catch one's breath
To breathe in suddenly with fear or surprise.
The beauty of the scene made him catch his breath.
To rest and get back your normal breathing, as after running.
After running to the bus stop, we sat down to catch our breath.
To relax for a moment after any work.
After the day's work we sat down over coffee to catch our breath.
catch one's death of
take one's death of
To become very ill with (a cold, pneumonia, flu). Sometimes used in the short form catch your death.
Johnny fell in the icy water and almost took his death of cold.
"Johnny! Come right in here and put your coat and hat on. You'll catch your death!"
catch one's eye
To attract your attention.
I caught his eye as he moved through the crowd, and waved at him to come over.
The dress in the window caught her eye when she passed the store.
catch red-handed
To apprehend a person during the act of committing an illicit or criminal act.
Уличить кого-либо в тот момент, когда он или она делал что-то нехорошее или незаконное; поймать с поличным.
Al was caught red-handed at the local store when he was trying to walk out with a new camera he had not paid for.
The manager was trying to steal a computer from the office, but security caught him red-handed.
Менеджер попытался украсть офисный компьютер, но охрана поймала его с поличным.
The police arrived as the burglar was leaving the house. He was caught red-handed.
Полиция приехала, когда грабитель выбирался из дома. Его поймали с поличным.
They caught him red-handed.
Они поймали его с поличным на месте преступления.
My teacher caught me red-handed, when I was cheating in the exam.
Мой учитель поймал меня с поличным, когда я жульничал на экзамене.
catch sight of
To see suddenly or unexpectedly.
Allan caught sight of a kingbird in a maple tree.