Идиомы и фразеологизмы английского со словом catch

Фразеологизмы со словом catch

a cat in gloves catches no mice
Если слишком осторожничать, то цели не достигнуть
Negotiate carefully, but remember: a cat in gloves catches no mice!
Ведите переговоры осторожно, но помните – кошка в перчатках не поймает мышей.
catch at
To try to catch suddenly; grab for.
The boy on the merry-go-round caught at the brass ring, but did not get it.
To seize quickly; accept mentally or physically.
The hungry man caught at the sandwich and began to eat.
Joe caught at Bill's offer to help.
catch cold
take cold
To get a common cold-weather sickness that causes a running nose, sneezing, and sometimes sore throat and fever or other symptoms.
Don't get your feet wet or you'll catch cold.
If you go out in this rain, you will surely catch cold.
How did she ever catch cold in such warm weather?
To catch unprepared or not ready for a question or unexpected happening.
I had not studied my lesson carefully, and the teacher's question caught me cold.
The opposing team was big and sure of winning, and they were caught cold by the fast, hard playing of our smaller players.
catch dead
catch someone dead
To see or hear (someone) in an embarrassing act or place at any time. Used in the negative usually in the passive.
You won't catch Bill dead taking his sister to the movies.
John wouldn't be caught dead in the necktie he got for Christmas.
catch fire
To begin to burn.
When he dropped a match in the leaves, they caught fire.
Don't stand too close to the gas stove. Your clothes may catch fire.
No one seems to know how the old building caught fire.
To become excited.
The audience caught fire at the speaker's words and began to cheer.
His imagination caught fire as he read.
catch hold of
To grasp a person or a thing.
"I've been trying to catch hold of you all week," John said, "but you were out of town."
The mountain climber successfully caught hold of his friend's hand and thereby saved his life.
catch it in the neck
get it in the neck
To be blamed or punished.
Tom got it in the neck because he forgot to close the windows when it rained.
Students get it in the neck when they lose library books.
catch it
get it
To be scolded or punished. Usually used of children.
John knew he would catch it when he came home late for supper.
Wow, Johnny! When your mother sees those torn pants, you're going to get it.