Идиомы и фразеологизмы английского со словом beat. Страница три

Словосочетания со словом beat. Страница три

beat the drum
To attract attention in order to advertise something or to promote someone, such as a political candidate.
Mrs. Smith has been beating the drum in her town in order to get her husband elected mayor.
beat the holiday blues
Прогнать праздничную хандру.
Jane always says that helping others is a great way to beat the holiday blues.
Джейн всегда говорит, что помощь другим - отличный способ прогнать праздничную хандру.
beat the meat
To masturbate (said primarily of men).
"So what did you do for sex in prison for seven years?" Joe asked. "Well, unless you want to become gay, you can beat the meat and that's about it," Max answered.
beat the pants off
To prevail over someone in a race or competition.
Jim beat the pants off George in the swimming race.
To give someone a severe physical beating.
Jack beat the pants off the two young men who were trying to hold him up in Central Park.
beat the rap
To escape the legal penalty one ought to receive.
In spite of the strong evidence against him, the prisoner beat the rap and went free.
beat time
To follow the rhythm of a piece of music by moving one's fingers or feet.
Jack was beating time with his foot during the concert, which annoyed his neighbor.
beat to the punch
beat to the draw
To do something before another person has a chance to do it.
Сделать что-либо прежде чем другой человек будет иметь шанс сделать это.
John was going to apply for the job, but Ted beat him to the draw.
Lois bought the dress before Mary could beat her to the punch.
I wanted to have the new car, but Sally beat me to the draw.
Мне хотелось получить новую машину, но Салли меня опередила.
beat to
To do something before someone else does it.
I was waiting to buy a ticket but only one ticket was left, and another man beat me to it.
We were planning to send a rocket into space but the Russians beat us to it.