Идиомы и фразеологизмы английского со словом beat. Страница два

Словосочетания со словом beat. Страница два

beat one's brains out
beat one's brains
cudgel one's brains
To try very hard to understand or think out something difficult; tire yourself out by thinking.
Пытаться очень напряженно в чем-либо разобраться; ломать голову над чем-то.
It was too hard for him and he beat his brains out trying to get the answer.
Some students are lazy, but others beat their brains and succeed.
That’s the last time I’ll beat my brains out trying to cook a nice dinner for you.
Я в последний раз буду ломать голову, пытаясь приготовить прекрасный ужин для тебя.
beat one's gums
wag one's chin
To engage in idle talk, or meaningless chatter; generally to talk too much.
"Stop beating your gums, Jack," Joe cried. "I am falling asleep."
beat one's head against a wall
To struggle uselessly against something that can't be beaten or helped; not succeed after trying very hard.
Trying to make him change his mind is just beating your head against a wall.
beat the --- out of
lick the --- out of
whale the --- out of
knock the --- out of
knock the tar out of
beat the living daylights out of
To beat hard; give a bad beating to. Used with several words after the, as daylights, living daylights, tar.
The big kid told Charlie that he would beat the daylights out of him if Charlie came in his yard again.
beat the air
Заниматься пустым делом, ерундой, болтовней; "толочь воду в ступе".
Don't beat the air, you can't help him.
Не надо толочь воду в ступе, ты не можешь ему помочь.
beat the band
At great speed; with much noise or commotion. Used after to.
The fire engines were going down the road to beat the band.
The audience cheered and stamped and clapped to beat the band.
beat the bushes
beat the brush
To try very hard to find or get something.
The mayor was beating the bushes for funds to build the playground.
beat the clock
Закончить, успеть до крайнего срока.
Sam beat the clock, arriving a few minutes before the doors were locked.
Сэм только-только успел приехать, перед тем как двери закрылись.