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Словосочетания со словом wet

all wet
Entirely confused or wrong; mistaken.
When the Wright brothers said they could build a flying machine, people thought they were all wet.
If you think I like baseball, you're all wet.
face like a wet weekend
Иметь грустное, печальное выражение лица.
What's wrong with Pete? He's got a face like a wet weekend.
Что такое с Питом? Он такой хмурый.
What’s happened? You have a face like a wet weekend.
Что случилось? Ты выглядишь уныло.
get one's feet wet
To begin; do something for the first time.
The party was at Bill's house and when Ruth and I got there the party had already started. "Jump right in and don't be afraid to get your feet wet," said Bill.
"It's not hard to dance once you get your feet wet," said the teacher.
get sick
get well
get tired
get busy
get wet
To become sick, well, tired, busy, wet, etc.
This idiom consists of a combination of get and various adjectives.
Gerald got sick last week and has been in bed since that time.
Every afternoon I get very hungry, so I eat a snack.
mad as a hornet
mad as hops
mad as a wet hen
In a fighting mood; very angry.
Быть в воинственном настроении, очень рассерженным
When my father sees the dent in his fender, he'll be mad as a hornet.
Bill was mad as hops when the fellows went on without him.
Mrs. Harris was mad as a wet hen when the rabbits ate her tulips.
The nurse was as mad as a wet hen when the patient tried to bite her.
Медсестра была очень зла, когда пациент попытался ее укусить.
wet behind the ears
Not experienced; not knowing how to do something; new in a job or place.
The new student is still wet behind the ears; he has not yet learned the tricks that the boys play on each other.
wet blanket
throw a wet blanket
A person or thing that keeps others from enjoying life.
Зануда, нытик, человек, который всегда пытается испортить другим веселье.
The teenagers don't invite Bob to their parties because he is a wet blanket.
The weatherman throws a wet blanket on picnic plans when he forecasts rain.
Jack's fun at parties, but his brother's a wet blanket.
Джек - душа вечеринок, но его братец настоящий зануда.
Compare:crepe hanger
wet one's whistle
To have a drink, especially of liquor.
Uncle Willie told John to wait outside for a minute while he went in to the cafe to wet his whistle.