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Фразеологизмы со словами: wear

if the shoe fits, wear it
If what is said describes you, you are meant. A proverb.
Если вы что-то принимаете на свой счет - значит, есть основание; на воре шапка горит.
I won't say who, but some children are always late. If the shoe fits, Wear it.
You should not criticize someone for something that you do yourself. Remember that if the shoe fits wear it.
Не следует осуждать кого-либо за то, что вы делаете сами. Помните, что на воре и шапка горит.
swear by
To use as the support or authority that what you are saying is truthful; take an oath upon.
A witness swears by the Bible that he will tell the truth.
In ancient Greece a doctor swore by Apollo, the god of healing, that he would be a good doctor.
John swore by his honor he would return the bike.
To have complete confidence in; be sure of; trust completely.
When John has to go somewhere fast, he swears by his bike to get there.
We can be sure that Fred will come on time, since his friend Tom swears by him.
swear in
swear into
To have a person swear or promise to do his duty as a member or an officer of an organization, government department, or similar group. "Swear into" is used when the name of the group is given.
Mary and Ann will be sworn into the club tonight.
Fred was sworn in as class president.
Many new men were sworn into the army last month.
At the inauguration, the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court swore in the new President.
swear off
To give up something you like or you have got in the habit of using by making a promise.
Mary swore off candy until she lost ten pounds.
John has sworn off dessert for Lent.
swear out
To get (a written order to do something) by swearing that a person has broken the law.
The policeman swore out a warrant for the suspect's arrest.
The detectives swore out a search warrant.
wash and wear
Not needing to be ironed. Refers especially to synthetic and synthetic blend fabrics.
Dick bought three wash and wear shirts to take on his trip.
Sally's dress is made of a wash and wear fabric.
wear and tear
Deterioration through use.
After 75,000 miles there is usually a lot of wear and tear on any car.
wear blinders
To refuse or be unable to consider alternative ways of thinking or acting.
Anybody who disputes the importance of learning languages is wearing blinders.